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Brightwood College

At Brightwood College, we offer accelerated programs that combine flexible schedules and professional instruction to create a rewarding learning experience focused on helping you gain skills for your chosen career.

We keep education relevant by employing instructors with real-world experience in the field who bring their career backgrounds to the classroom. Our programs are continually assessed by faculty, staff, and members of the business and education communities to help ensure your studies align with your career goals. Programs offered by Brightwood College focus on local employment needs, in areas such as allied health, nursing, and technical and professional programs.

Within the classroom, it is our mission to not only provide vocational training, but to help you develop the professional skills, values, attitudes and strategies that will enhance your potential for success on campus, in your career and through life.

The success of our students is our greatest success. Because when our students succeed, we’ve completed the job we set out to do: empower the courageous, and enable real and relevant change.


Each Brightwood College campus is separately accredited. For campus-specific accreditation details, including approvals, memberships and programmatic accreditation, please navigate to a campus accreditation page. Accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). For questions about our accreditation, call 202.336.6780. The ACICS website is located at http://www.acics.org/.

Commercial Photography

Learn about the exciting world of commercial photography. If you choose this area of specialization, you will receive training in camera and lighting techniques for use in studio and on-location photography. Commercial photographers typically photograph products, facilities, people or other subjects for editorial, advertising or promotional purposes.

Dental Assistant

You can learn how to perform duties such as radiographs, instrument sterilization, tray setups, four-handed dentistry, equipment maintenance, impressions, model trimming, charting and dental reception duties. We offer classes both in the mornings and afternoons, so you have the flexibility to meet the demands of your family, work and education.

Nurse Assistant

If you have the drive and compassion to help others, our nurse assistant course could help you start on the path toward a rewarding career. Nurse assistants provide basic care to residents in long-term care facilities and help residents attain maximum functional independence. Turn your desire to help others into reality with the help of the nurse assistant course at Brightwood College.

Patient Care Technician

Patient care technicians can assist with the care of outpatients and inpatients who have a variety of diseases, injuries, or neurological or orthopedic problems. In addition, they may help patients walk to and from therapy with a gait belt, set up equipment for patient treatments, assist with community outings, and perform a variety of other duties.

Electrical Technician

Electricity is essential for light, power, air conditioning, refrigeration and so many of the conveniences we take for granted every day. Electrical technicians install, connect, test and maintain electrical systems that bring electricity from power generating plants to our homes, offices, schools and places of business.

Medical Assistant

As a medical assistant, you could have the opportunity to work directly with patients and assist with their care and well-being. If you are interested in pursuing opportunities in this rewarding field, our medical assistant program can help you gain the relevant experience and skills to become a qualified candidate. Our program offers a comprehensive curriculum combined with hands-on training on equipment typically used in a medical setting.

General Applied Photography

The Medical Billing and Coding Certificate program can provide you with the knowledge and technical skills required by employers in health care services. Coursework provides instruction in topics such as anatomy, physiology and pharmacology; data information processing; medical billing, coding and terminology; insurance billing; and medical terminology and medical office management.

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

In the HVAC/R field, professionals typically perform duties such as installing, maintaining and repairing heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Our goal is to provide students with the knowledge of troubleshooting, repair and safety skills required to enter the HVAC/R industry.

AS Nursing

The Associate of Science in Nursing program is designed for those with no prior nursing education as well as those who have a nursing background and would like to expand their educational horizons. The program blends the flexibility of online coursework with real-life learning experiences at clinical practicum sites and participation in nursing skills labs.

Pharmacy Technician

We want to help you obtain a fulfilling pharmaceutical career with a bright future. As a pharmacy technician graduate, you could have the ability to make a difference in people’s lives where it counts the most: their health.

Portrait Photography

Photography services are requested to photograph coming-of-age events, school pictures, graduations, weddings and more. You could learn more about the rewarding world of portrait photography and gain the technical understanding of photography that could help you find success.

Criminal Justice

This program provides comprehensive training in the areas of criminal investigation, juvenile delinquency, criminal behavior, crime and loss prevention, corporate security, and law enforcement. If you want to train for a meaningful career that gives you a sense of value and allows you to make a positive difference in your community, criminal justice may be right for you.

Computer Support Technician

The computer support technician program can help you gain the knowledge and skills needed to search for entry-level employment in the computer support field. Through group discussions, lectures and hands-on experience, you can learn about computer programs, hardware and software, and network systems.

Computer Networking Technology

Maintaining technology to ensure that computers run efficiently is a must in today’s working world. We could help you gain the technological skills that help businesses run.

Applied Business Fundamentals Program Description

The program focuses on helping college students understand fundamental business concepts and develop interpersonal, communication and computer skills that can be applied to a work environment.

Clinical Massage Therapy (Diploma)

Clinical massage therapy has been recognized as a valid way for people to alleviate symptoms related to stress or physical ailments. In turn, there are more employment opportunities for personal service and health care careers in the following settings:

  • Rehabilitation and chiropractic clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Medical offices
  • Fitness centers
  • Salons and resort spas

General Practice Paralegal (Certificate)

The General Practice Paralegal Certificate program provides a firm understanding of the legal system and legal procedures. As a paralegal, your duties may include:

  • Legal and factual research
  • Legal drafts
  • Business regulatory compliance
  • Contract administration
  • Law office management

Medical Office Skills Training and Certification

As a student in our medical office program, you could develop the skills specific to the needs of local health care practitioners. Through a unique blend of classroom instruction and hands-on lab training, you can receive an in-depth education in medical office administration, including written and spoken communication, office administration, medical transcription, and medical office operations. Program classes provide training in the following areas: Computer data entry of patient information, patient files, and filing systems and records

  • Insurance claim filing
  • Billing and coding
  • Transcription of communication from medical facilities

In addition to courses in management, communications and computer applications, you could receive training in health care administration; insurance theory and claims management; legal aspects of health care, including HIPAA, OSHA and cultural diversity; and medical emergencies, including preparation for CPR/first aid exams.

Paralegal (Associate of Applied Science)

This is your opportunity to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to seek a career in the legal field. Our paralegal degree program provides a fundamental awareness of the law and practical hands-on skills that can prepare you to meet the demands of the paralegal profession. Coursework includes the following topics:

  • Legal research
  • Civil litigation
  • Contracts
  • Criminal law
  • Wills, trusts and estate planning
  • Torts and personal injury